12v 44ah battery. Xtech car ᐅ BateriasCanarias.es
12v 44ah battery. Xtech car ᐅ BateriasCanarias.es

Xtech Car Battery 12v 44ah XT44B

Measurements: 207x175x175mm.

Volts: 12

Amps: 44

Starting power: 420A

Warranty: 24 months

Tax included


User Preferences When Choosing a Starting Battery

Most users have clear preferences when choosing a starting battery for their car: among those that guarantee high quality performance , the one that offers a more affordable price is preferred.

Xtech Batteries: Quality and Affordability

Xtech Batteries has created, after years of experience in the market, an outstanding brand of starter batteries. Rigorous work has led to exceeding any expectations, achieving products with excellent performance , comparable to that of brands such as Varta or Tudor, and extreme reliability thanks to the careful selection of materials. Opting for a battery manufactured by Xtech Batteries represents relief for your pocket due to its competitive prices, and a guarantee for the vehicle, backed by the results obtained with our designs.

Characteristics of the Xtech Batteries XT44B 12V 44Ah and 420A Battery

The high power of the Xtech Batteries XT44B 12V 44Ah and 420A car battery guarantees the starting of the vehicle even in adverse weather conditions. Our products incorporate modern calcium-calcium technology and are free of maintenance and risk of leaks. They also include a system to optimize charge conservation.

Maintenance Tips to Extend Battery Life

To extend the life of your batteries , it is important to follow some maintenance tips. Keep batteries clean and dry, avoiding the accumulation of dust and corrosion on the terminals. Check the charge level regularly and use a suitable charger when necessary. Avoid completely discharging the battery and keep it charged during periods of extended inactivity. Also, make sure the terminals are securely connected and tight to avoid excessive vibrations that could damage the battery.

Quality and Guarantee of Xtech Batteries

Xtech Batteries starter batteries have a very long useful life thanks to the improvements introduced in their design, and their warranty period covers 24 months. They are subjected to strict quality controls that verify resistance to vibrations, active load and starting power before being marketed.

Applications of Xtech Batteries Batteries

With an exceptional quality-price ratio , Xtech Batteries starter batteries are ideal for offering a proven service in cars, vans, taxis, boats and small trucks.

Availability and Delivery

Buy now and receive it at your home in 24-48 hours with transportation included to any part of the Canary Islands or pick it up at any of our physical stores in Tenerife .

Ultra Series
Sin Mantenimiento
Capacity (Ah)
Start (A)
Positivo Derecha
Largo (mm)
Width (mm)
Alto (mm)
Weight (Kg)
Plate type
Type of application
Warranty (months)
24 Meses (Por defecto de fabricación)

An unmatched quality-price ratio. This is what Xtech offers its users. Bateriascanarias.es has created this range of batteries for those customers who are looking for a device that supplies the best energy and performance to their car, truck or agricultural vehicle without having to break the bank .

Xtech products have great prestige nationally and internationally: thousands of users have already been satisfied with what these accumulators offer them. Do you have problems with the starting force of your tractor in Lanzarote? Do you feel like your Volkswagen Golf has lost power when going up and down the highways in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria? Don't worry, at Bateriascanarias.es we have the solution to your problem.

Thanks to the collaboration agreements we have with important transport companies, we make shipments to all the islands of the archipelago for free in 24-48 hours. Provide extra energy to your vehicle with Xtech batteries!

One of the keys to these devices is their storage capacity and special shielding . This reinforcement makes Xtech accumulators very safe and resistant to shocks and vibrations. Surely when you have decided to change your vehicle's battery you have been surprised by its high price and some qualities that are not met later.

Well, the Xtech don't lie: what you see is what you get. The Xtech have nothing to envy other batteries from brands recognized around the world such as Varta, Bosch or Duracell. At Bateriascanarias.es we highlight its long useful life, power and low price.

Still not sure which battery is best for your vehicle? You just have to contact us through the online chat on our website, by email, phone or in our two physical stores located in the north of Tenerife.

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