Solar Refrigerators and Freezers

Solar Refrigerators and Freezers: The Efficient and Silent Solution for the Canary Islands

Welcome to our online store of solar refrigerators and freezers , the ideal option for homes and businesses in the Canary Islands. With over a decade of experience, we offer innovative products that run on 12 and 24 volt solar energy . These devices stand out for their compact measurements and light weight , in addition to having quality motors that guarantee silent and efficient operation. Discover how this eco-friendly technology fits perfectly with your lifestyle needs, providing unique advantages compared to traditional systems.

Solar Energy Operation

Our solar refrigerators and freezers are a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. By operating with solar energy, they take advantage of the abundant sun resource in the Canary Islands, significantly reducing dependence on conventional energy sources. This not only reduces electricity costs in the long term, but also contributes to the preservation of the islands' valuable natural environment.

Versatility in Operating Voltages

One of the main advantages of our products is their ability to operate at both 12 and 24 volts . This versatility is essential for those looking to use energy stored in batteries or solar panels without the need for expensive inverters or converters. With this option, our solar refrigerators and freezers become a smart and affordable choice for all types of applications, from camping to RVs and boats.

Compact and Lightweight Design

We understand that space is valuable and that is why our solar refrigerators and freezers are designed with compact measurements and low weight . This feature makes them ideal for small spaces, cozy kitchens or even for taking them from one place to another without difficulties. In addition, its modern and stylized design adapts to any decoration, adding a touch of elegance to your environment.

Quiet and Efficient Operation

Our products are equipped with quality motors that guarantee silent operation. This not only improves your experience at home, but is also essential for maintaining peace of mind in camping, RVs, and environments where noise could be a nuisance. The energy efficiency of our solar refrigerators and freezers ensures minimal energy consumption, thus maximizing the performance of your solar systems.


In short, our solar refrigerators and freezers are the perfect option for the Canary Islands. Thanks to their 12 and 24 volt solar powered operation, their compact and lightweight design, and their quiet and efficient operation, they provide significant advantages compared to traditional models. Not only will you be investing in an eco-friendly appliance, but you will also enjoy durable and versatile equipment that adapts to your needs. Make the smart choice and join the solar revolution for a cleaner and more sustainable future in the Canary Islands.




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