TROJAN J305H-AC Battery 6V 360Ah | Trojan Canary Batteries Buy
TROJAN J305H-AC Battery 6V 360Ah | Trojan Canary Batteries Buy

Trojan J305H-AC 6V 360Ah Battery

Trojan J305H-AC 6 Volt 360 Amp battery, with Alpha Plus paste technology, Maxguard T2 separator, is the best option for semi-traction applications such as sweepers, scrubbers, and lifting platforms. They are also used for solar installations.

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Trojan is one of the most recognized manufacturers worldwide in the manufacture of batteries aimed at applications such as semi-traction or renewable energy. It is the pioneer brand in making a deep cycle battery and over the years they have been adding improvements to each of their batteries.

The Trojan J305H-AC Open Lead 6V 360Ah C20 battery has Alpha Plus paste technology with T2 technology that increases the total number of ampere-hours, which translates into more useful power. The Trojan battery grid is made of an antimony-lead alloy with plate reinforcement, which provides exceptional battery performance and reduces downtime and overall maintenance costs .

Trojan batteries have an advanced separator that is completely exclusive to Trojan called Maxguard T2, it has a multi-channel geometry that keeps the acid channels open for longer, which improves electrochemical processing which provides longer battery life. and significantly reduces operating costs.

Trojan batteries are perfect for use in semi-traction or solar applications such as electric pallet trucks, platforms , golf cars/buggy or photovoltaic installations.

T2 Technology
Plomo Abierto
Con Mantenimiento
Capacity (Ah)
Capacity in C5 (Ah)
Capacity in C20 (Ah)
Capacity in C100 (Ah)
Largo (mm)
Width (mm)
Alto (mm)
Weight (Kg)
Plate type
Battery Type
Type of application
Main application
Autocaravanas/ Instalaciones solares / Vehículos eléctricos /Flotación/ SaIs/UPS
Other apps
Buggy de golf/ Equipos de limpieza/ Plataformas Aéreas/ Vehículos Eléctricos
Warranty (months)
6 Meses (por defecto de fabricación)

World leaders in the design and manufacturing of deep cycle batteries. Trojan has been an international reference company for several decades when it comes to cyclical technology. And no wonder: thousands of users have already benefited from the countless advantages offered by the North American label.

The versatility of Trojan accumulators is beyond doubt. Its GEL and AGM type devices fit any electrical application vehicle . You now have an energy source so that this summer you can enjoy the coasts of Tenerife with your boat!

At we know that our customers always demand the best from us. For this reason, we offer you a large selection of products from the American company that will surely improve the performance of your caravan or solar kit .

The technology that Trojan uses in the manufacturing process of its batteries is at the forefront of the sector. The batteries are made with Alpha Plus Paste with T2  Technology, a high-density liquid that increases the performance of the device for a longer period of time.

They also incorporate the Maxguard T2 or Maxguard XL separator (depending on the model and range). This system, designed with multi-channel geometry, leaves the acid channels open for longer. This improves electrochemical processing and reduces the risk of stratification.

The grid technology that the batteries mount, exclusive to Trojan,  It is made to operate together with Alpha Plus Paste and improves the flow of electrical current, facilitating outstanding performance and reducing battery downtime .

If you browse our website, you can see that we work with 3 ranges of batteries : the deep cycle liquid electrolyte range, the AGM range and the GEL range. From the series of liquid electrolyte accumulators we can highlight that they are designed to provide high durability, outstanding performance and long useful life to vehicles and other devices. What more could you want?

The GEL and AGM ranges come in the form of hermetic maintenance-free batteries that provide great performance and reliability to their users . They are made vibration proof  and shocks and can operate under extreme temperatures and conditions.

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