Batería 8v 170ah. TAB Motion BCI Compatible con trojan T875
Batería 8v 170ah. TAB Motion BCI Compatible con trojan T875

8v 170ah battery. TAB Motion BCI Semi-Electric Traction

8V 170Ah battery. TAB B170 BCI Group GC8

Volts: 8

Amps: 170

Measurements: 264x183x274mm.

TAB Motion BCI batteries represent advanced deep cycle lead acid battery technology, meticulously engineered to meet the increasing demands of operation in extreme work environments. They have been designed with the purpose of simplifying their handling, installation and maintenance.

These TAB BCI batteries are particularly suitable for a wide variety of applications, including electric buggies, golf cars, renewable energy systems, cleaning equipment such as scrubbers and sweepers, lifting platforms, electric vehicles and marine vessels.

Battery compatible with Trojan reference T875
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TAB Motion BCI B170 Battery Direct Replacement for the Trojan T875

Welcome to our online store, where we present the revolutionary TAB Motion BCI battery series. These semi-traction batteries have raised the standard for quality and power in the world of energy, offering exceptional performance in a variety of applications. TAB Motion BCI batteries are a marvel of engineering, being deep cycle lead acid batteries specifically designed to meet the increasing demands of operating in extreme working conditions.

One of the main advantages of TAB Motion BCI batteries is their design designed to facilitate handling, installation and maintenance. This means that, in addition to their extraordinary power, these batteries are easy to handle and maintain in optimal condition, significantly reducing long-term operating costs.

These batteries are available in several BCI groups, including GC2, 902, 903, GC8 and GC12 , ensuring you can find the perfect, compatible option for your specific needs. Whether you're looking for reliable power for golf carts , cleaning machines , aerial work platforms , electric vehicles , or even boats , TAB Motion BCI batteries are the ideal choice.

The applications of these batteries are truly versatile. From golf carts to cleaning machines to aerial work platforms , TAB Motion BCI batteries prove effective in a wide range of devices. Plus, its premium pasted plate construction ensures consistent, long-lasting performance, even in the most demanding conditions.

Highlighting their high discharge capacity , these batteries are a reliable and durable component in any environment. Whether you are exploring options for renewable energy , construction , electric transportation or any other application requiring semi-traction batteries, TAB Motion BCIs are the choice that will provide you with unmatched power and reliability.

Furthermore, we want to highlight that TAB Motion BCI batteries not only offer exceptional performance, but are also manufactured in Europe , ensuring high-level quality standards and production control. This European provenance not only ensures excellence in manufacturing, but also contributes to sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint by choosing a local option.

Importantly, TAB Motion BCI batteries are not only a superior option in terms of quality and performance, but are also fully compatible with renowned brands such as Trojan, USbattery, Yuasa, Varta , among others. This compatibility offers our customers the flexibility to integrate these cutting-edge batteries into their existing systems without compromising quality or sacrificing performance.

In short, TAB Motion BCI batteries are the perfect choice for those looking for a semi-drive battery option made in Europe , with exceptional performance and guaranteed compatibility with leading brands on the market. We are not only offering a quality product, but also a solution that fits the specific needs of our customers, exceeding expectations and setting a new standard in the battery industry. Discover the difference for your machinery with TAB Motion BCI batteries in our online store today!

TAB Motion BCI
Plomo Abierto
Con bajo mantenimiento
Capacity (Ah)
Dual DT
Largo (mm)
Width (mm)
Alto (mm)
Weight (Kg)
Plate type
Battery Type
Type of application
Main application
Traspaletas/ fregadoras /Barredoras/ Plataformas elevadoras/ Coches de golf
Other apps
Buggy de golf/ Equipos de limpieza/ Plataformas Aéreas/ Vehículos Eléctricos
Warranty (months)
12 Meses (Por defecto de fabricación)
Replacement for:
Trojan T875
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