▷ GEL Battery for Kawasaki ER-6F 650 E | Bateriascanarias.es
▷ GEL Battery for Kawasaki ER-6F 650 E | Bateriascanarias.es

12V motorcycle gel battery. 10Ah. YT12A-BS JMT

Measurements: 150x87x106mm.


Fully sealed motorcycle gel battery , it does not need any type of manipulation in terms of filling it with acid, it will be maintenance-free throughout its useful life.

Delivered activated and ready to install on the motorcycle

Includes mounting screws and nuts

Tax included


Why install a GEL battery in my motorcycle?

GEL batteries for motorcycles or scooters are one of the most popular types of batteries that exist, they are more efficient than conventional or AGM batteries in many aspects.

The first advantage is that you do NOT have to handle any type of acid , they are batteries completely sealed and activated from the factory.

Auto discharge

The self-discharge rate is much lower than AGM batteries, gel batteries do not self-discharge much, in fact, if left to sit for six months, a typical gel battery will only discharge 0.75 volts or so. its total voltage (12V), compared to the 2 volts of an AGM or conventional battery.

Spill proof

These batteries also do not leak their acid content if ruptured, reducing health risks to the user.

Fast reload time

Gel cell batteries are known to have a high recharge rate. Since you only need to recharge them every 2 months or so, the high recharge rate makes these batteries even more desirable.

Mounting position

Unlike conventional batteries, which can only be mounted upright, gel cell batteries can be mounted in any position because they are not prone to spills.

Number of cycles

Gel cell batteries tend to have a high cycle life, longer than AGM batteries

High capacity

A 9Ah gel battery can last for approximately 2 hours if you leave the headlights on, which is actually a much larger capacity than more expensive batteries such as lithium batteries.

Sin Mantenimiento
Capacity (Ah)
Start (A)
Positivo Izquierda
Largo (mm)
Width (mm)
Alto (mm)
Weight (Kg)
Type of application
Main application
Other apps
Scooter / Ciclomotores / Motos de agua / Quad / ATV / Cortacésped
Warranty (months)
12 Meses (Por defecto de fabricación)

Lithium has its own name: JMT. In recent decades, the German brand has developed lithium-ion batteries for motorcycles that provide a much higher starting force than other conventional batteries. Did you know that with the JMT Lithium range you will get up to 70% more power than with a lead acid device?

Mopeds demand more and more energy and that is something that JMT has taken into account: it has been able to anticipate the needs of its users to create a perfect battery for both a high-performance Yamaha and a Vespa . You can now equip your motorcycle to go on a road trip through the north of Tenerife!

Lithium has multiple advantages when used as an energy source for light vehicles:

  1. Lithium batteries are lighter than other lead acid batteries
  2. They are very resistant
  3. Its performance is very high
  4. They weigh less than other conventional batteries and their discharge is much slower
  5. They have a very long lifespan

Have we not convinced you yet? JMT lithium batteries are the safest on the market . They do not contain acid or any other corrosive metal, so they are environmentally friendly. In addition to working wonderfully on motorcycles, they are also ideal for riding recreational vehicles such as quads, snowmobiles or watercraft.

Whether you live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or Lanzarote, we assure you that your order will be at your home in 24-48 hours thanks to the important collaboration agreements we have with transport companies. And shipping is free!

In short, if you are looking for a light, resistant and efficient battery that fits the characteristics of your moped, trusting the JMT Lithium range is the best purchase you could make.

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